Hiring Bike

We also provide hiring bike service. You can book a bike right here in our website.

Riders Motorcycle Garage Authorised Rentals is a rental program open to all qualified motorcyclists, giving you the chance to enjoy the experience a Harley-Davidson first hand. Riders is an authorised operator of the scheme ensuring that renting a machine is the same as owning one – a top quality riding experience.

Hiring a Motorcycle can make a great gift, the scheme is also popular with those who don’t have time to ride or own a bike full time but take one on their annual holiday or weekend break. There is simply no better way to unwind other than hire a bike.

All motorcycle rental bikes are current-model motorcycle that have been serviced and maintained according to Riders Motorcycle Garage Company standards. There are 5 models available for rental from Riders, and there are great discounts for longer bookings, see below for the per day prices we can offer.